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SJ The Comic Strip - the worst WebComic on the Web! Come take a little trip with us. We have cruel webcomics, mean webcomics, racist comic strips, drunken comic strips, angry web comics, unjust web comics, chauvinistic digital comics, juvenile digital comics, and even some webtoons about love and happiness.

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One-of-a-kind, totally Original Sticky Note & Webcomic Artwork by Francis Ledbetter. If framed, Post-It © Note will be sent in a frame and signed by artist. If unframed, will be sent by itself, but still signed by artist. Perfect for your cubicle wall or your boy's Valentines gift!

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Each piece is limited to 25 prints and arrives matted, protected in a plastic wrapper, signed by artist, and numbered anywhere from 2 to 25. After 25 are sold, no more will be printed. Ever!

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We sell 2" x 2" stickers of all of our 'Ignorant Art on a Sticky Note & SJ the Comic Strip / Webcomic' pieces, as well as Greeting Cards (Blank Inside). Give the gift of mean-spiritedness!

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Interested in publishing a story from our site? Or would you like to turn our words into moving pictures? We're listening!

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Do you like what we do and want us to do it for you? Oh, you make us so happy!

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Purchase our silly digital comic strip and sticky note artwork on original tshirts, awesome coffee mugs, fantastic buttons, sweet hats, and much, much more!

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