Who Are We?

Curious as to who exactly is behind SquirrelJunkie.com, including the elusive, easily influenced and oft under the influence Francis Ledbetter?

Francis Ledbetter: The "creative" force behind SquirrelJunkie.com, Francis credits strong drugs and weak copyright laws to his limited success. After death, he believes, fame will surely follow.

Eleanor Rigby: Part-time contributor. Eleanor is a firm believer that everyone should completely and utterly breakdown both emotionally and mentally with no regard to pride at least once a year. Old dogs and lonely people make her cry. And yes, that is her real name.

Corinne Amat: Marketer & Promoter extraodinaire, Corinne scours the annals of the art world to preach the word of SquirrelJunkie to the easily amused and juvenile. When not networking, she's tending to the other several pets, a restaurant, and a boutique rental lodging.

Brutus Black: The always fashionable amateur web site designer. Flawless features, impeccable style, top-notch bathing habits... castrated at two months of age.

Tennessee Jones: SquirrelJunkie's intern. Tennessee maintains that everyone is always talking about him. Jealousy, he claims.