The Dialogue Of Any Given Stripper

Stripper: This isn’t who I am. I mean, this isn’t the real me.

Interviewer: How did you get involved in the first place?

Stripper: I’m a student. Well, I was a student. I had tuition to pay, you know.

Interviewer: You said you were a student. You’re not any more?

Stripper: Not right now, no. I ran into some minor problems. But I plan on going back next semester. 

Interviewer: Good, good. I hope you do go back. But if you don’t mind, what were the “minor” problems.

Stripper: Oh, I don’t know. Just stuff. Stuff I can handle. I got in over my head. But I’m fine now. I’m nearly clean.

Interviewer: Nearly clean? So it was drugs that set you back?

Stripper: I’d rather not say. But it doesn’t matter what it was. Because it’s all behind me now. 

Interviewer: When you go back to school, what do you think you’ll major in?

Stripper: Maybe Education. Really anything to do with helping our youth.