5 star reviews La Junlgla Experience

Map & Directions

La Jungla Experience is situated about 5 minutes by cab/bus (and only $1.00 during the day!) outside the main Boquete city center in Alto Boquete and is conveniently located by nearby grocery stores, bus stops, and restaurants.


La Jungla Experience,
Milla 3, Alto Boquete,
Chiriquí, Panama
For Cab Riders - Tell your driver "en frente del Seminario, Alto Boquete" AND be sure to ask "cuanto cuesta?" (depending on time of day, it shouldn't cost more than $1.00, although late night taxi's may cost more)
For Bus Riders - Mention "El Seminario #2" Bus Stop"
To not get lost, please see driving instructions below!

Or feel free to call / WhatsApp us at +507 6608 5872.
***Helpful Tip*** If you have Waze, Maps.me, or Google Maps on your phone, simply enter in "La Jungla Experience" and it'll bring you right to our doorstep! Further, if you "download for offline mode" it'll work even if you're without WiFi while traveling!

By taxi:

Tell your taxi driver we are "en frente del seminario" in Alto Boquete and you should be fine. But to help further, look for the hot pink bench out front the red-roofed, A-Frame Casa 4929 on the main David-Boquete Calle. You can expect to pay about $1 for the ride but always be sure to ask “cuanto cuesta” before getting in the cab!

By bus:

You can also take a bus from downtown Boquete to Alto Boquete for less than a dollar (PLEASE NOTE - Once on the Boquete to DAVID bus or any other bus - be sure to get off at El Seminario #2 bus stop as to not pass by our new location and to avoid unnecessary time delays and bus fares). You can usually catch the bus in front of the mini supermarket Mandarin, which is to the right and across the street from the Parque Municipal. Walk across the street and you will find La Jungla Experience with a hot pink bench out front of a red-roofed, A-frame house.

By car:

From the town of Boquete, head south along the main road (Via Boquete) towards David. Drive for approximately 5km (3 miles) and look carefully for the red-roofed, A-frame house with the hot pink bench out front (on the left side). We are across the street from a large Seminary.

From the town of David, head north towards Boquete along the main road (Via Boquete). Drive for approximately 40km until you reach Alto Boquete and look for the hot pink bench on your right - in front of a red-roofed, A-frame house. Turn right into the gravel driveway. If you see Ivan's Supermercado/Ferreteria, you have gone too far! La Jungla Experience is across the street from a large Seminario.