Separate apartment for Short-Term Rental Photo Gallery

Pictures of the Economical, yet Cozy and Comfy Separate Apartment of La Jungla Experience.

separate apartment view from front door

View from Front Door

apartment length

Nice Lenght of Separate Apartment

the functional kitchenette

The Functional Kitchenette

the small but efficient bathroom

The Small but Efficient Bathroom

well-stocked kitchenette

The convenient and well-stocked kitchenette

the cool murphy table

The Cool, Space-Saving Murphy Table

tiny houses rule dining table

Tiny House Efficiency! The Workspace / Dining Table

the apartment bed full-size

The Bed of the Separate Apartment

chaise lounge sitting area

Make Yourself at Home with the Chaise Lounge

patio and entrance

Enjoy a Little Outdoor Boquete Weather in the Front Entrance

netflix and youtube time

Watch Some Netflix and YouTube!